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Reviewing The Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot

Hasbro has always found itself with all the demand of a powerful one handed blaster. We all have fancied using two weapons simultaneously and also there is certainly slight kick utilizing a one hand blaster. Hasbro made some tries to meet this demand nevertheless the best gun is that this niche is the Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot Blaster. With this you'll be able to prime and fire darts using only one hand. That alone happens to be the only quality of Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot but Hasbro been able to do a many things with this therefore we have its in-depth review for you personally.

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Build Quality
The design is inspired with all the whole thought of Zombie Strike. And we found this for being interesting and likeable. Out in the box the vital thing you will notice using this type of revolver could be the handle. It is made to resemble wood covered with a cloth, as well as for us this goes perfectly well with whole Zombie Strike concept. It is also good to support and overall they fit in the hand nicely. The colours are vibrant and they are supported by a considerable paint job. Talking about logos and text within the gun, Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot lags behind. We have no complaints with all the Nerf logo but “Hammershot” and “ZombieStrike” text doesn’t look really good. It reduces the complete design value and Hasbro might have put somewhat more thought into this. The only thing that saves this, would be the beautiful graffiti like ‘Z’ mark around the gun. But approximately we are happy with all the way Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot looks.

Since it will require only one hand to work this gun, the ergonomics are essentially narrowed down to your handle. As we said earlier the faux wood aids towards the grip. The cocking action may be accomplished with your thumb that is certainly also very smooth. The whole construction with the Zombie Strike Hammershot appears being solid and they've got managed to bear this thing light, that is commendable.

The operation of this model is reasonably simple. You simply need to prime and pull the trigger (don’t forget to load the darts though). The priming action is very smooth. But ensure you complete the cocking action, otherwise they could be some problems, which might be discussed later.

The cylinder holds 5 darts, which is pretty less, and we suggest someone to attach an ammo holder. Just below the cylinder you'll discover support due to this mechanism, in the beginning we thought it was a tac rail, nonetheless it wasn’t. The whole thing may have been trimmed down somewhat, but Hasbro claims it adds up to the performance. So how would it perform?

Well, first off the range. We were able to uncover a maximum variety of 50 feet (parallel to the floor) with all the Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot. If you launch the dart at angle of 30 degrees, you could possibly see the dart travelling distance of more than 65 feet. Since this just a revolver i was quite impressed with kids. But if you don’t prime properly, the darts covers much less distance. This is because the mechanism needs full priming to accomplish best results.Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot Blaster

This action uses up a almost no time, though with practice you receive used to it. We were easily capable to fire all of the darts in 4.5 seconds. Since there are only 5 darts you can fire at one go, an ammo holder is practically necessary.

The accuracy is usually great so we found it to be near that of the ‘Elite’ Series.

So overall first handed operation, the Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot Blaster surely packs a punch. You get good distance, commendable accuracy along with the operation is reasonably simple. On the downside there may be limited ammo, and it also takes time to prime the hammer.

The Cost Of The Nurf Gun?
You can easily obtain the Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot for 14$. Though you want to make a few modifications going without running shoes, the complete package will probably be around 20$. If you are all set for the mods, than the is a very ton. For 20 bucks you receive solid one handed nerf gun, with great range and exquisite design. Even if you would like to gift the stock version to kid, this model can be worth every penny.

My Conclusion!
To put simply Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot did exceed our expectations. After the Strongman we had arrived a little unsure if an individual handed guns could match the thrill and fun on the usual models. But Hasbro were able to pull this off. And with all the whole Zombie Strike theme, there isn't any doubt that it's a hit using the kids. The darts that can alongside will not be bad either, as well as 14$ it’s a fantastic package. We recommend this and offer it a handsome 8 beyond 10 stars.

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